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Learn how to do a tailslide 270 on a flat box

Before trying this trick, make sure you can do frontside 360s on side hits, and tailslides on boxes.

  1. Ride up to the box with a flat base
  2. Initiate spin from your heelside edge
  3. Land flat on the box in tailslide position
  4. Start turning your shoulders to wind up for the 270
  5. Look backwards under your shoulder to keep winding up
  6. At the end of the box with a little pop you will continue the rotation
  7. Use your upper body to snap the 270 off
  8. Land on your toe edge to stop your rotation and ride away clean

The first few attempts will be closer to 180s out, but with practice you will learn to keep your board in the tailslide position till the very end of the box, and slowly wind up your shoulders to pop a stylish 270 off the end.

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