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How to do a 5-0 (tail press)on a snowboard

Before you try this trick, make sure you can do 50-50s with no problems.

  1. Ride up to the box with a flat base
  2. Keep your shoulders, knees and board in a straight line with the box
  3. Ollie on to the box
  4. While in the air, push the board forwards and land with your weight over your back foot
  5. Keep your weight back to hold the pressed position
  6. Keep your eyes on the end of the box
  7. At the end of the box, ride off and land with your weight centered over both feet.

Things to keep in mind

It is called a tail press for a reason, you press your weight into the tail, rather than pulling your front foot up. Keeping your weight back will keep you stable, and looks better.

Try to nollie into the tailpress, it makes holding it a bit easier.

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