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Random Bastards presents 7UP from Random Bastards on Vimeo.


MOV / 720p:​7up.php?d=720p
M4V / iPhone:​7up.php?d=iphone
AVI / Xvid:​7up.php?d=xvid

Random Bastards proudly presents our seventh snowboard film!

7UP is the result of another full year’s hard work, long worldwide trips and late night mayhem. From cities to mountains, rails to backcountry and HD to 16mm (thanks, Pirates!) sprinkled with hypnotic visuals, full-frontal nudity and a killer soundtrack – here’s Sweden’s contribution to the ever so big 2010 snowboard ziplock.

7UP is – for you and your friend’s convenience – released as a free digital stream/download in association with our partners Method Magazine, Haze, Zimstern and Goodfellas.

7UP is produced by Umeå based Random Bastards. Directed, filmed and edited by Kristofer “Kuske” Fahlgren. Executive producer: Eric Hörstedt.

Shredding by Joakim Rasmussen, Eric Johansson, Klas Beyer, Fredrik Rasmussen, Isak Björnström, Viktor Björnström, Kalle Ohlson, Rolf Nylinder, Erik Karlsson, The Gun Rack Pack (Jonatan Gadelius, Blayze Bramwell, Joel Andersson, Jens Bergqvist, Noa Gadelius, Matteus Lestage), Hans Åhlund and Viktor Wiberg.

Soundtrack by Lasses Shit (​lassegjertsenmusic), Näääk (, Industri Royal (, Trainspotters (, Flat Foot (, Skilla (, I Am Hunger (​iamhungerband), JON (​bandetjon), Space Invadas (, Graveyard (​graveyardsongs) and Miami Device (​urort/​Artist/​MiamiDevice1).

Additional footage by Petter Schanche, Kasper Häggström, Andreas Olofsson, Salomon Robban, Pirate Movie Production, Niklas Byström, The Gun Rack Pack and Random Bastards.

Art direction by Marc Strömberg. Sound design by Kristofer “Kuske” Fahlgren.

Thanks and to all riders, filmers, photographers, artists, associates, partners, friends, family and everyone else who contributed in some way.

Special thanks to Emil Fossheim, Viktor Skogqvist, Johan Wennerström, Basti Balser, Niklas Byström, Erik Nordström and Petter Schanche.

Tour partners: Forum Snowboards, Foursquare and Special Blend.

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