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How to do a backside rodeo

  1. Approach the lip with a slight toeside carve (like you are going do a backside spin)
  2. On the top of the lip, put your weight over your heels and pop
  3. Drop your front shoulder and tuck to start the flip
  4. Look over your back shoulder to spot your landing
  5. The extra 180 part of the trick is done towards the end of the flip

If you are doing a rodeo 5, keep your head looking backwards on the landing to stop yourself from reverting on the landing.

When you have the backside rodeo 5 down, add an extra 180 to make it a backside rodeo 7 so you can ride out regular.

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Learn how to do a switch nose press

Before you attempt a switch nose press, make sure you can do a switch 50-50 so you are comfortable riding on a rail switch.

  1. Aproach with a slight angle on your toe edge
  2. Catch the rail on the nose
  3. Bend your front knee to help start the press
  4. Keep your shoulders straight with the feature
  5. Ride off the feature smoothly

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How to do a backside 1 on, switch 50-50 with a switch frontside 3 off

Before you go for this trick, make sure you can do a backside 1 to switch 50-50 on a rail without any problems. When you have that locked, add a half-cab to the end.

  1. Ride in parallel to the rail, on a slight toe edge
  2. Pop a back 1 onto the rail
  3. Keep looking up at the start of the rail to help line up the nose of your board and stop your rotation
  4. As soon as you are locked on the rail, open up your shoulders to start the wind up for the 3
  5. Keep your head turned to force the 3 around
  6. Try and land with a flat base