Snowboarding gear from Defenders Of Awesome

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Here is another post listing the gear that the riders were wearing in Capita’s Defenders of Awesome¬†snowboard movie. Some of the graphics on the boards on this list look different, as these are mostly the 2013 models. Scott Stevens Capita Ultrafear Snowboard Capita Indoor Survival Snowboard Union Contact Bindings Purple Volcom Ventral Pants Orange Coal… Read more »

Snowboarding terms and definitions

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1 – Refers to a 180, spinning half a rotation

3 – Refers to a 360, spinning a full rotation

5 – Refers to a 540, spinning 1 and a half times

7 – Refers to a 720, spinning 2 full rotations

9 – Refers to a 900, spinning 2 and a half times around

9 Terrain Park Tips

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To a beginner, the terrain park can seem like an intimidating place. There are lots of skilled riders there, practicing their big tricks on huge jumps and rails. Almost every park that I have been to has ratings on each of its features. They vary on each mountain, but they will generally go from an… Read more »